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Walkera V200D03 Ex Display 6CH 2.4GHz Flybarless DEVO7 RC Helicopter Mode 2
Walkera V200D03 Ex Display 6CH 2.4GHz Flybarless DEVO7 RC Helicopter Mode 2
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  • Description

We have 1 Only Ex Display Walkera V200D03 6 Channel Helicopter at a heavily discounted price. This unit is brand new and in its original retail packaging. It has never been operated and includes all accessories and factory manuals.

Early this year, Walkera launched the successful 4F200 series, it is a 200 class flybarless 3-Blade helicopter, with the realistic body installed, it was a joy to fly it. This time they use the same frame and put a 2-Blade Flybarless Rotor Head on it and created the V200D03. It is now a agile collective pitch helicopter, ready to fly light 3D. There are a few things we like, that's the power brushless motor, it works with 11.1V battery, it gives very high RPM on the rotor, when it comes to high RPM, the heli feels very firm and stable, combining the shaft driven tail rotor, the heli performs extremely well just like a ordinary 450 class heli.

The power system is the first thing we notice, then it comes to our attention about the Full Metal Rotor Head, Carbon Blades, the 2.4Ghz 3D Gyro (with Auto Stabilizing) and the servo controlled tail pitch.... all are the goodies for a 450 class heli. Flying the V200D03 gives you a "Safe" feeling, and the size for the V200D03 is just perfect, not too big, not too small for flying in the backyard or in any park, beginners usually want to start with something small, this is just perfect! V200D03 flies super stable, we would say it somehow fly like a big 450 heli, which is amazing! If you want something more challenging, simply flip the Dual Rate switch on the transmitter, the servo will goes quicker, so you have a faster and more agile heli.


  • Flybarless control system characterizes low power loss and great efficiency improvement.
  • 3-axis flybarless control system provides accurate flight location.
  • Brushless motors ensures the long time using and powerful flight.
  • Standard pack of the DEVO 7 radio adopted 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and features automatic ID binding and ID assignment, also fixed ID setup.

    What exactly a 3-Axis Gyro do?

    3-Axis Gyro means it can sense X, Y and Z axis moments, that means body leaning forward / backward, body rolling left / right, tail drifting CW / CWW, it will constantly monitoring any off-balance in all directions, then it will give signals to all CCPM servos and Rudder servo to balance the helicopter, it works constantly and unless you have the helicopter drifts too much, you will not even notice the system exists.

    What is flybarless system?

    Recently, 3-Axis Gyroscope has been introduced to RC helicopters and this is how Flybarless System has born. The NEW Flybarless System takes away the paddles and flybar, leaving the stabilising job completely to the high tech 3D Gyroscope. Proven by Helicopter World Champion, result is 100% positive. Without the weight of the flybar and paddles, the helicopter now moves in higher speed, and saves almost 30% energy. Also, less parts means less repair and maintenance!


  • Main rotor diameter: 458mm.
  • Tail rotor diameter: 115mm.
  • Overall length: 425mm.
  • All-up weight: 342g (Battery included).
  • Battery: 11.1V 800mAh Li-PO.
  • ESC: WK-WST-20A.
  • Brushless motor: WK-WST-21-003.
  • Transmitter: DEV 7 MODE 2.

    ackage Included:
  • V200D03 6Channel Flybarless helicopter.
  • DEVO 7 transmitter Mode 2.
  • Li-Po Battery Charger.
  • 11.1V 800mAh Li-Po Battery.
  • Instruction manual.


    Children under 14 Years of age should not be permitted to use this product under any circumstance.
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