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Walkera Scout RC Drone (Gopro version) Grey with Brushless Gimbal & Devo F12E FPV Radio Quadcopter
Walkera Scout RC Drone (Gopro version) Grey with Brushless Gimbal & Devo F12E FPV Radio Quadcopter
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  • Description

Walkera Scout X4 Gopro version (Gopro not included)

The Scout X4 is a fully features autonomous quadcopter. With the highly accurate sensors and GPS the Scout X4 is the ultimate solution to any filming needs. It includes a precise 3 axis brushless gimbal and retractable landing gear that enable you to shoot professional quality, stabilised videos. Advanced features include things like 'follow me' (GPS enabled IOS/Android device required) which means that the Scout X4 will automatically follow you and record whatever you are doing; be it extreme sports or just going for a stroll. Other filming specific features include the ability to wirelessly stream your real time video back to the ground so you can see exactly what you are recording (Devo F12 Radio included in all of these packages) for this purpose).

  • Waypoint mission planning/Designated
  • Follow me mode/Follow record, track back home
  • Real time telemetry monitoring
  • Ipad holder with backup power
  • Flight time up to 25 minutes


    The Scout X4 allows you to set and program a sequence of 3D waypoints that you can fly without any interaction. This is ideal if you plan to fly the same path again and again. The Scout X4 allows you to set a total of 128 waypoints per mission.


    The guided flight mode allows you to simply touch a point on your mobile device and it will fly there on its own. Simply set a new waypoint again and it will fly and hover at the new point.


    The Scout X4 quadcopter allows you to autonomously film yourself if you are using your android/IOS device. Your mobile device will send your current location to the Scout X4 and it will follow you and control the brushless gimbal to keep you in the shot - ideal for hands-free filming so you can concentrate on looking good in front of camera!


    Using the latest in battery technology, this quadcopter includes a 22.2V 5400mah smart battery that gives up to 25 minutes of flight time. In addition to this, the battery also includes an integrated charge monitoring staus so you can easily see how much charge you have left. Swapping the batteries over is also a breeze, just unclip the battery and slide it out; there's no need to fiddle with wires or tricky connections.


    The Scout X4 has advanced safety features such as the ability to automatically return home and land if it looses contact with you (or you flick the panic switch). This means that when you are flying you can have peace of mind.

    5.8Ghz Transmission System

    Receive real time images on the 5 inch LCD color screen of the DevoF12E fom the included 5.8Ghz tranmission system.

  • The Scout's Transmission System is compliant with all Australian regulations and standards as set out by AMAC.


    This radio is the ultimate FPV-enabled radio control device. This radio includes a built-in FPV receiver and monitor and it also has many switches and sliders. This is an important feature as this allows the user to change flight modes easily, as well as control of other aspects of the copter, such as the pitch and angle of your gimbal.

    Scout Specifications

  • Main Rotor Blade Length:232mm
  • Length-Width-Hight: 335 x 335 x 275mm
  • Weight: 1770g(w/battery)
  • Flying Weight: <2270g
  • Transmitter: DEVO F12E
  • Receiver: DEVO RX707 (CE)/RX709 (FCC)
  • Brushless Motor spec: WK-WS-34-002
  • Brushless ESC spec: WST-16AH (R/G)
  • Battery: 22.2V 5400mAh Li-Po
  • 2.4G Bluetooth Detalink: BT-2401A/B(FCC)/BT-2402A/B(CE)
  • Ground Station: GCS

    Devo F12E Transmitter Specifications

  • 12 Channel multifunction settings
  • 5 inch LCD screen
  • 5.8G real time image transmittion
  • Telemetry function
  • Wireless dataq transmission
  • RF transmitter powers adjustable
  • 4 stick modes - switchable
  • 15-model memory
  • Auto code banding or fixed code selectable by user
  • USB online firmware update
  • Encoder: 12-channel micro computer system
  • Output power: S100mW
  • Power Supply: Li-Po 7.4V/11.1V 1600-3000mAh or 5# Batery BX 1.5V or
  • NiMH8*1.2V 1600-300mAh
  • Current drain: Close the video ≤300mAh(100mW): view the video≤430mA (100mW)
  • Output pulse: 1000~2000Us (1500Us Neutral)
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz-DSSS
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