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The Hobby Warehouse - Web Series

The Hobby Warehouse follows the life of Timothy who lands his dream job as a product tester at Hobby Warehouse. Timothy takes a lot of pride in his work...like a lot of pride. So when Timothy tests a product you know there's going to be extremes taken and eyebrows raised at his often over the top levels of enthusiasm. In the eyes of the ever-distracted Hobby Warehouse boss Barry, Timothy is just what the company needs. Just try selling that idea to his co-workers.

Series Teaser
Follow the adventures of Timothy as he attempts to test 20,000 products at Hobby Warehouse, Australia's largest online hobby store.
Episode 1
Timothy is interviewed for the coveted position of Hobby Warehouse Product Tester.
Episode 2
Follow the journey. Timothy's first day at Hobby Warehouse!
Episode 3
A work car as well? This job seems to good to be true!
Episode 4
Timothy decides to give everyone a TED talk, or is that a pep talk?
Episode 5
Timothy is tasked with placing a new range of Funko Pops online. This is serious business.
Episode 6
Timothy's highly anticipated launch of the Pop Funko doesn't quite go to plan!
Episode 7
Looks like Timothy hasn't learnt his lesson with product launches.
Episode 8
Barry uncovers something pretty interesting and Timothy is tasked with piecing it all together.
Episode 9
Timothy goes above and beyond, even bringing work home on the weekend!
Episode 10
Nerf Guns and Planes what could possibly go wrong for Timothy this week?!