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SkyRC eFUEL 1200W 50A DC 220V AC Switching Power Supply
SkyRC eFUEL 1200W 50A DC 220V AC Switching Power Supply
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  • Description

With 1200W outputs, adjustable output voltage from 15-30V and active PFC, it is the eFUEL 1200W/50A is one of the most advanced power supplies you will find anywhere. 1200W of output is ideal for a variety of high powered chargers, and three outputs allow you to simultaneously operate multiple chargers or other devices.

An input voltage range of 100-240V makes it ready for worldwide compatibility with no setting changes required, and the DC output voltage is flexible. Simply turn the dial to adjust the voltage to suit your setup, digital readouts give you an instant look at your output voltage and current.

Active power factor correction and a compact frame make this a great power supply to take to the field to use with a generator.

Active PFC

Power Factor Correction (PFC )allows power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency. There are two types of PFC, Active PFC and Passive PFC. The preferable type of PFC is Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC) since it provides a more efficient power frequency and because active PFC uses a circuit to correct power factor, active PFC is able to generate a theoretical power factor of over 95%. Active Power Factor Correction also markedly diminishes total harmonics, automatically corrects for AC input voltage flutuations, and is capable of a full range of input voltages

DC Output

One main DC power output, up to 50 amperes, three outputs (up to 10 amperes each) with ON/OFF switch. 1200W output gives you all the power you need to run your high-powered applications or use multiple chargers simultaneously with three sets of integrated banana plug outputs!

Adjustable Output

Voltage 15-30V

LCD Display

The output voltage and current are displayed on the digital readouts on the front, allowing you to identify the voltage and current at a glance.

AC Input 100-240V

Worldwide operation: does not require any alternative switching device making it safe to operate anywhere you happen to want to use this power supply.

Two USB Ports

With 5 volts, 2100mA total for iPad, mobile phone, digital cameras and etc.

Smart Cooling Fan

Automatically operates once internal temperature reaches 50 °C.

Safety Features

Over current, over voltage, over load and over temperature protection. Short-circuit protection on output making this power supply safer and more reliable.


  • Dimensions (L*W*H) - 170mm x 305mm x 85mm
  • Net weight - 3.08kg
  • Voltage - 100-240V AC
  • Input AC Frequency - 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage - 15-30V DC±0.5V
  • Output Current - 50A±1A
  • Current Overload Protection - ≤ 51A 500MS
  • Input Fuse - 20A Fuse
  • LCD Display - Voltage Precision ±0.3V / Current Precision ±0.5A
  • Output Voltage Ripple - < 300mV
  • Power Efficiency - 89%
  • Power Factor - > 0.98
  • Over Temperature Protection - <65℃
  • Cooling Method - Automatic Cooling Fan
  • Operating Temperature - 0-40℃
  • Operating Humidity - 0-90%
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