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Parcel Sending Service to Hobby Warehouse
Parcel Sending Service to Hobby Warehouse
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Have you arranged a crash repair, nitro tune, upgrade or similar service with the Hobby Warehouse customer support team? We've listed this parcel send service so that you can avoid getting ripped off when sending an item to us for these or similar requirements.

The cost to send to us using this service is fixed, no matter the size of the item (though it must be less than 105cm in its maximum dimension).


  • Make sure you've described your need with us via our contact form and have received a contact ticket number.
  • Purchase this parcel service if you would like to use it to send to us. During checkout, paste your ticket number into the comments section.
  • Once we have the details, we will email you a coupon with instructions on how to use it to send your item to us.

    The way our coupon works is that you will need to print it out, stick it securely to the protected package, and then drop it into your nearest Australia Post office. Nothing further is required to be paid - we'll take care of the rest!

    You might have a bulky item and be in far north Western Australia, Coober Pedy or even on Christmas Island! No joke, it will still be $15 with this service, so long as there's an Australia Post office near your location.

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