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Jacquard Cyanotype Set

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Cyanotype is an antique photographic process distinctive for producing Prussian blue monochromatic prints. Developed in the mid-19th century, cyanotype was quickly embraced as an inexpensive method for reproducing photographs, documents, maps and plans (hence the enduring architectural term “blueprint”).

Famously, it was also used by Ana Atkins and other field biologists for indexing plant specimens—the first photograms ever made! Cyanotype is a remarkably simple process that employs two inexpensive chemicals and sunlight/UV. Prints can be made on any natural fiber: paper, cotton, silk, wool, wood, etc.

Jacquard Cyanotype can be used to create detailed prints from virtually any object that casts a shadow. Simply place the object on the sensitized surface and expose to sunlight/UV. By using a digitally-printed photographic negative instead of an object, cyanotype may also be used to create full-resolution photographs on paper or fabric. Great for photographers, mixed media artists, printmakers, quilters, kids and more. The process is easy, quick, magical and fun.

Set Includes:

  • Part A - Potassium Ferricyanide 0.8 oz.
  • Part B - Ferric Ammonium Citrate 1.9 oz.
  • Instructions.
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