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HSP ACE Mean Green 2.4Ghz Brushless 4WD Off Road RTR 1/10 Scale RC Buggy
HSP ACE Mean Green 2.4Ghz Brushless 4WD Off Road RTR 1/10 Scale RC Buggy
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  • Description

Our most popular RC Buggy model design is now even better! Hobby Warehouse specifically had this RC Buggy designed to have great looks and powerful features. Now with all green shock absorbers, internal aluminium parts and red chrome wheel centers to match the striking cover that make this little rocket ship stand out even more from the pack.

The ACE models are only available from Hobby Warehouse and when looking for a HSP "PRO" model off road vehicle you should demand that your buggy be built in the same way.

Upgrades & Color Coding

  • Upgraded front shock brace manufactured from heavy duty aluminium.
  • Color coded Shock Absorbers are fitted with metal bodies to improve strength, bounce and rebound over harsh terrain.
  • Color coded aluminum chassis brace and matching internal components.

    Adjustable Suspension

    All 4 shock absorbers on this ACE model are fully adjustable and allow the operator to dial in the suspension to suit the type of terrain they want to operate on. Simply turn the adjustment nut on the shock body and you can apply more pre-load to the spring, firmer for a smooth surface to reduce body roll or softer for rugged off road environments where you need all the suspension travel you can get. Rear wheel camber is adjustable along with front wheel camber and toe in - toe out also being fully adjustable via a simple turnbuckle system on the steering arms. Your sure to find the set-up that is right for just about any operating surface.

    Awesome Performance

    Motivation for the ACE comes from a powerful Brushless 3300kV motor. The drive train is coupled to metal motor and main differential gears which translates to scintillating wheel standing performance. Squeeze the throttle and watch this guided missile rocket into the distance.

    Brushless ESC

    The 60A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller is fan cooled and supplies current to the motor and on-board electronics with authority. It is programmable by the user to set race mode without reverse and also with brake function enabled which the operator can select different "Drag Braking Forces" to suit the type of operating environment the vehicle is being run in.

    Ni-MH Battery

    The Supplied 8.4v 4200mAh Ni-MH hump pack battery keeps the motor, ESC and on-board electronics supplied with plenty of current for super performance along with a realistic operational time.

    The ACE version buggies can be fitted with an optional Cougar 7.2V 4500mAh 2S 30C Hard case Lithium Polymer battery for even more power that will take this truck to the next level of performance should the driver want insane acceleration. (Please note the CG-HL30C-4500-2S Cougar 4500mAh 7.4v 2S 30C Hard Case LiPo Battery is not included with the truck but is available as an optional extra from our web store.)

    When changing the battery from Ni-MH to LiPO the setting on the ESC will need to be changed so that the low voltage cut off is activated to protect this battery type from accidental over discharge. Instructions for programming the ESC are included in the box.

    Protective Battery Box

    All ACE models have a protective battery box and retaining straps hard mounted to the chassis. This offers superior protection for your batteries from the harsh environments these vehicles typically operate in.

    High Torque Steering Servo

    Steering duties are commanded by a HSP E6001 6kg "High Torque" steering servo. The servo is also protected from heavy shock loads that can be amplified through the steering components while operating in harsh terrain by a unique "Servo Saver" system. A special spring loaded joint is incorporated into the steering system which helps dampen severe jarring to the servo and helps extend its longevity.

    2.4GHz Digital Radio Transmitter System

    The "Mean Green ACE Buggy" is supplied with a quality HSP 2.4GHz digital radio transmitter which means you can run other vehicles utilizing the same system without interference at the same time.

    The radio has forward, reverse, left/right along with proportional throttle control and steering travel adjustment.

  • 2.4GHz Digital Proportional System (DPS).
  • 2-channel transmission.
  • Super fast seamless response time.
  • Smooth bearing supported steering wheel with auto centering.
  • Steering travel adjustment.
  • Adjustable throttle sensitivity via rotary dial.
  • Steering dual rates adjustable to limit steering travel.
  • All dials and switches protected by a weatherproof hatch.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Servo reverse settings for both channels.
  • Superior digital interference rejection.
  • Long battery run time.
  • Low profile transmission antenna.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design.

    2.4 GHz Receiver

    The supplied 3 channel 2.4 GHz receiver is compact and lightweight and comes matched to the transmitter out of the box. This receiver also offers superior interference rejection and has a failsafe function that can be set by the user if signal is lost or transmitter voltage falls to low.

    Ready To Run

    This HSP 1/10 Buggy comes as a complete package, including an ESC, 2.4GHz radio system, 4 wheel drive system, high torque Brushless motor, aluminium upper deck chassis, aluminum drive shaft and shock mount, oil-filled shock absorbers with progressive springs and 8.4V 4200mAh Ni-MH battery with battery charger. The only extra items required to get this beast on the track are 8 x AA batteries for the transmitter and your ready to rip up your favorite patch of dirt.

    Quick Overview

  • HSP 2.4 GHz Radio System.
  • 4WD drive system.
  • High precision Brushless 3300kV and Waterproof 60A ESC.
  • 6kg Hi Torque Steering Servo.
  • Oil filled aluminum capped shocks. (color coded green)
  • Oil serviceable gears built-in high quality bulkhead.
  • Precision front steering system featuring quick turning response.
  • 8.4v 4200mAh Ni-MH battery. (Optional Up-gradable 7.2V 2S 30C Li-Po not included)
  • Off road knobby tires with spoke wheel rims.
  • Stylish off road wing (color coded green).


  • Electric Power Off Road Buggy.
  • Length: 400mm.
  • Wheel Base: 275mm.
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm.
  • Height: 160mm.
  • Gear Ratio: 1:7.38
  • Motor: Brushless 3300kV
  • Wheel Diameter: 86mm.
  • Wheel Width: 32mm Front - 40mm Rear.
  • Chassis: ABS Monocoque Chassis.
  • Rechargeable battery type: 8.4v 4200mAh Ni-MH battery.
  • Mains Power Battery Charger.

  • Specifications are subject to change.
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