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HSP 94882-88112 Black Wrecker Rock Crawler 4WD 1/8 Scale RC Truck
HSP 94882-88112 Black Wrecker Rock Crawler 4WD 1/8 Scale RC Truck
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  • Description

As with most rock crawlers, the Wecker model eschews flashy brushless motors and their redundant high speed capacity, opting instead for the high torque, high power-per-wheel set-up of twin electric RC 540 brushed motors (one located to the front and the other to the rear of the vehicle). This is invaluable for providing the necessary four wheel drive, giving each wheel the power to push the vehicle by itself if necessary. Independent front/rear gear boxes are installed to support this set-up, and the locked front and rear spool only enhance the power behind each wheel.

With flexibility and four wheel steering the front axle of the Wecker has to be twisted dramatically before either of the back wheels begin to leave the ground. This makes it highly suitable for driving on even the most rough and uneven surfaces. In terms of the steering system in place, the high performance electronic speed control (including reverse option) and high torque axle-mounted steering servos give you both the electronics and mechanical strength needed for great results. The 4WS itself can be a little challenging to master, given the limited two channels offered by the transmitter, but it is a vital feature that will get your crawler out of many a sticky situation.


  • 2.4Ghz Transmitter.
  • Two RC540 Motors.
  • Two Servos.
  • One ESC.
  • 7.2V 2000mAh NI-MH Battery
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