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Encaustic Hot Wax Art Kit - Starter Pack without Iron



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Encaustic art is about using molten wax as a creative medium. The genre of encaustic arts can span all ability levels, from complete beginner, through the crafts & hobby arts and on into the finest of fine arts. Generally, the encaustic art product line uses heated tools to melt and apply the wax block colours onto card or other surfaces. Thin application means a rigid support is generally not necessary and fusing occurs during the application process.

Many creative possibilities are offered by the use of heat to alter the structure of cold wax into one of a liquid wax. Nothing is lost, only temporarily relaxed into a workable state.

Once the heat is removed then the encaustic wax returns to a solid state and remains like that unless reheated. It’s a magical experience and with more practice can be extremely rewarding to explore. Applying molten wax colours with the iron can spread, tool and fuse a single layer creation beautifully.

This Starter Set has all the basics that you need to get started with Encaustic Art. Iron not included.


  • 1 x Set of 16 Basic Wax Blocks.
  • 1 x Metal Scribing Tool.
  • 40 x A6 Cards.
  • 20 x A5 Cards.
  • 10 x A4 Cards.
  • Starter Guide Booklet.


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    Encaustic Art
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