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Dynam 8947 Pitts Model 12 Yellow RC Biplane Includes 6 Channel 2.4GHz Gavin Digital Radio System

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The Pitts aerobatic Biplane is perhaps one of the most recognizable names in aerobatic aircraft known around the world. From competition to daring air show routines the Pitts has done it all and the Model 12 is no exception. The Pitts Model 12 is a 2 place fully aerobatic biplane designed specifically around the 360 HP (400hp) Russian built Vedeneyev M-14P (PF) radial. Stressed to +9 -7.5g at full gross weight of 2250lb with 750lb useful load. It has a 239 MPH Vne, 175 MPH Cruise @70% Power, and 64 MPH Stall Speed. 3200+ Feet per Minute Climb Rate, 300+ Deg. per Sec. Roll Rate. Aerobatic in design, the Pitts model 12 is an excellent cross country airplane.

Dynam have gone a long way to replicating the performance of the Pitts Model 12 and then some. With its powerful BM3720A-KV650 brushless motor and 14.8V 2200mAh 25C battery this model is capable just about every “high g” maneuver in the book and some that aren't. It is fully 3D capable and can just about turn itself inside out but will handle as gentle as a trainer giving this aerobat a super wide flight envelope. Being constructed of a lightweight, strong crash resistant EPO foam and also being finished in the Pitts factory colors this plane is sure to be a hit.

This version of the Dynam Pitts is supplied with a 6 Channel Gavin 6C Digital Radio System that also includes a 7 channel receiver. The transmitter is fully programmable through the inbuilt LED screen and is suitable for airplane, helicopter, and multi-rotor applications.

With a memory that can store up to 30 aircraft setups, the Gavin 6C caters from trainers through to intermediate aircraft applications.

Aircraft Specifications

  • 4 Channel
  • Wingspan: 1067mm
  • Overall Length: 1130mm
  • Wing Loading: 43g/d sq
  • Servo: 9gx2pcs,17gx2pcs
  • Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh 25C
  • Speed Controller: 50A
  • Motor: BM3720A-KV650
  • Flying Weight: 1300g
  • Controls: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle.
  • Radio Control Range: 1000m approx.
  • **Charger Not Included**
  • Mode I (easy mode change if required)

    Gavin 6C Radio System Details

  • Suitable for airplanes, helicopters, and multi-rotor
  • Includes Detrum RXC7 7CH 2.4g receiver
  • Stores a maximum of 30 aircraft models in the transmitter
  • Adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and multiple Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology which allows a strong anti-interference capability
  • Ergonomic design enables users to hold the transmitter easily
  • LCD display is designed with a straightforward menu and intuitive graphical interface which is easy to understand and convenient to use
  • Adjustable stick lever tension with four stick modes you can choose from to match your style
  • Failsafe function allows you set the positions that the servos move to in case of a transmission failure
  • Trainer function allows an experienced pilot to teach a beginner
  • USB Data Port - Micro USB port provides connectivity for firmware updates and RC flight simulator cable (not supplied)
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