An Introduction to Art-Tech RC Hobby, Extreme RC Plane and Helicopter Manufacturer

A relatively young company trading since just 2002, Art-Tech have lost no time in making a name for themselves. Blossoming under the guidance of their young President and world-class aeromodelling pilot Mr. Edward Jin, they have built up a large range of flight-based R/C models and specialist supporting parts. Now exporting worldwide from their manufacturing base in Shenzhen City, China, theirs is an impressive success story and a name that aeromodelling fans would do well to remember.

Starting out with just a single small-scale office in 2002, the company has risen to become a multi-faceted organization with registered capital of more than 30million RMB which, according to their spokesperson, gives them the highest level of registered capital of any R/C manufacturer in China. Given their broad approach and research and development focus, this would hardly be surprising. With a dedicated R&D centre, including an electronics department and a flight department, and more than 10,000 square metres of space devoted to development and workshops, they live up to their pioneering image. This extensive development has lead to the accumulation of a full 24 exclusive patents by the company, covering such products as their 4CH transverse array dual rotor helicopter, miniature mechanical gyroscope, brushless motor controller and certain other aspects of their scale aircraft. With progress being made all the time, they hope to acquire many more patents over the coming years.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Art-Tech is the new initiative that they embarked on in 2009, developing unmanned helicopters for use beyond the R/C hobby sphere. The products created under this initiative have been involved in everything from power line inspection and weather forecasting to criminal investigation and forest fire prevention, broadening the range of Art-Tech’s development projects. This expansion has also given them the opportunity to gain the coveted ‘High Tech’ rating of Chinese businesses, which few hobby manufacturers are able to attain. While this may seem irrelevant if your main interest is in their hobby products, this additional venture gives Art-Tech access to more information and avenues of research and a fresh perspective on their hobby-based work. This is something that other RC manufacturers can’t enjoy, and there has already been some developmental crossover between the two schemes.

Now supplying more than 170 different original hobby models and parts to customers in more than 80 countries worldwide, the company (which goes by the official name ART-TECH R/C Hobby Co. Ltd) is a real rising star in the R/C hobby world. They also claim to be environmentally friendly, appealing to a range of climate-conscious cultures.

Their main competitors in the R/C hobby world are brands such as Walkera and Joysway, with different big names competing across the price spectrum. The range of Art-Tech products is particularly wide, from cheap and cheerful 2CH indoor planes to serious hobby-grade jet fighter planes and 3D-flight RC helicopters, so they have an answer to almost every model type produced by other manufacturers. Whether your thing is smooth and laid-back gliders, thrill-seeking stunt planes or details war replica models, Art-Tech have something to offer you.

Their prices also tend to be competitive, with the cheapest models beginning from just $59 at all good sellers. Quality gliders such as the Diamond 1800 begin at just $185, offering full four channel operation, a handy fold away propeller system and a relatively compact EPO foam shape suited to both soaring and aerobatics, while their ever-popular war replica stunt planes are available at just $189, giving replica RC fans the choice of a range of famous models including Mustangs, Spitfires, Corsairs, Lightnings and even the truly old-school German pre-war Fokker planes. And while a full 3D 6CH Genius R/C helicopter might set you back by up to $395, happy customers will testify as to the quality and awesome longevity of such high-grade Art-Tech products.

You can certainly rest safe in the knowledge that Art-Tech’s products will meet international safety standards (evidenced by a CE certificate), as well as passing rigorous internal testing before making their way to you. All companies list high product quality among their aims, but with both a 9000 check quality management system and an ERP system in place, Art-Tech have really gone out of their way to prove it. As part of working towards their stated goal – to become the leading R/C aircraft manufacturer in the world, both for hobby-based and function-based craft – these are all steps in the right direction.

Looking ahead to the future, we can expect to see a lot more good stuff from Art-Tech. Compared to long-standing R/C brands such as Nine Eagles and Traxxas, these guys are still the new kids on the block, and we’re sure they’ve got a lot more to offer.

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