How to Bind the Double Horse 9116 to a New Transmitter Controller

To re-establish the signal link between the helicopter and the transmitter by gaining access to the transmitters automatic signal code synchronisation mode (transmitter bind).

Plug in the battery to the helicopter first, but leave the switch off, make sure you keep the heli within very easy reach. Also make sure the throttle trim is set all the way down.

Hold the transmitter in your left hand, and hold down the throttle stick in the throttle off position, as far down as it can go with your thumb (without straining or breaking the stick).
With your other hand, switch on the transmitter, and then within the first 5 seconds, while the transmitter is still flashing and beeping, quickly switch on the heli.

A red LED inside the canopy will also flash quickly.

After 15 seconds, the red LED on the transmitter will stop flashing and it will stop beeping. Check to see if the red LED inside the heli’s canopy has also stopped flashing and is now “solid” or not blinking, if so, the heli is now bound to the transmitter and you should hear both servos ‘flutter” as they settle into the transmitters pre-set servo settings.

To double check to see if the heli is properly bound to the transmitter, hold the heli in the palm of your hand at arms length, and give the throttle stick a quick burst or throttle up, but still low enough so it doesn’t shoot up out of your hands and hit the ceiling. If the heli spins up, all is good. If not, you’ll have to go through the whole procedure again.

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