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How do I place an order?

We currently have two main ways of placing your order with Hobby Warehouse.  First you need to browse the items that you wish to purchase, and then add the desired number to cart, then:

1. You can register for an account and go through checkout here.  This way it will be easy if you ever need to retrieve information on your orders, or place a new order in the future.


2. Skip to the “Billing Information” section in order to checout without creating an account.  The delivery and other information will be collected as you proceed through the checkout process.

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Can I cancel or change my order once the order is confirmed?

You can cancel or change your order before payment is processed.  Usually we process your order once all details and the payment have been completed.  If the item has already scheduled to be shipped you will not be able to cancel or change your order.

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Where can I find my previous order history?

Previous order history can be retrieved only if you register for a free account with Hobby Warehouse. You may find your order history simply by logging in and selecting your account history link.

It is safe and free to register for an account with Hobby Warehouse, we will never sell or pass on your personal details to a third party unless it is required in order to fulfill your order (Eg couriers for delivery).

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How can I check my order status?

You can check your order status only if you have registered for a free account with Hobby Warehouse.  To check the tuts simply login ango navigate to your account history.  Hobby Warehouse will also email you order updates and tracking information once we process or ship your order.  Please add us to your email contact database for safe senders to ensure that you receive our emails.

It is safe and free to register for an account with Hobby Warehouse, we will never sell or pass on your personal details to a third party unless it is required in order to fulfill your order (Eg couriers for delivery).

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What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Direct Deposit.  You will be able to specify your payment method during the checkout process.

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Do you accept money order or cheque payments?

We are sorry, we do not accept these methods of payment.

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How quickly must I make a direct deposit payment?

Please arrange your payment so that it appears in our account within two days.

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How fast after my payment will an order ship?

In most cases your order will ship the business that your payment is confirmed. For Direct Deposits, and PayPal instant payments this is usually the next business day if you arrange it prior to 5pm EST on a business day. Credit card payments are usually processed and confirmed immediately during business hours and then shipment is arranged.

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Is your site safe to use credit card payment?

Our website utilises the latest 256-SSL encryption to protect your personal or sensitive information. Our secure sockets layer encryption is provided and deployed by GeoTrust Inc (a Symantec Corporation subsidiary) and is an extended validation (EV) certificate.

The GeoTrust extended validation SSL certificate will display in your browser address bar when you connect via one of our secure web pages, and provides high-assurance extended validation and protection for your communication with the Hobby Warehouse site.

Click the following icon to verify the current status of our EV certificate.

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How long does it take for my Direct Deposit payment to clear?

If you are paying by Direct Deposit, (DD) the speed of us receiving the payment will depend on the time you make the payment and on the specific bank that you use.  DD’s are not instantaneous, as they the transferred between the various banks overnight.  We normally check DD’s daily every business day morning.

Banks will process your DD for interbank transfer on business days only, and generally only if they are made prior to 5PM Australian eastern standard time.  Then they are usually processed overnight, but can take up to 2-3 days to clear in less common cases.  If you arrange payments on a weekend or after 5PM EST, the payment is likely to only be processed by your bank on the next business day.

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Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

When will my order ship?

In most instances your order will ship the next business day after your payment is confirmed.

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I made an order online as a guest, and it is not showing up on the “View the Orders”?

Carts, order history and other information are only able to be saved if you register with us for an account, or Join.  Joining Hobby Warehouse is completely free and your details remain private for your online purchasing requirements with Hobby Warehouse only.

To join, click on the “Join” link at the top right location of any page.

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