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About Hobby Warehouse and our Beliefs. "Explore. Create. Live."

At Hobby Warehouse Pty Ltd, we believe that hobbies are an extremely important part of living. Hobbies enrich our lives as we explore new activities. They allow us to express creativity in ways we normally wouldn't, Hobbies give us a sense of accomplishment when we hone new skills or achieve a special milestone, stimulate and push us mentally, or physically, giving us an inherent sense of well-being or satisfaction. Our hobbies can stir our emotions.

Importantly, hobbies allow us to engage with others. We engage when we enjoy them together with family, friends, loved ones, distant acquaintances or fellow hobbyist we've never physically met. We enjoy them simply in the presence of our own company. They help us learn more about subjects, history, places, people, and about ourselves. Many hobbies give us the opportunity to meditate, or de-stress and reflect after a hard week. Indeed, many hobbies even help us heal.

How would you respond, honestly, if we asked you what is your hobby? Do you engage in something passionately, or would you answer the question with the standard "music and reading"? What are your passions? Give it some thought.

For the team at Hobby Warehouse, we are passionate about many hobbies. Like you they provide us with the opportunity and pleasure to explore, learn, improve, achieve, create, share, socialise and most importantly live! They're very important things to experience. For many, we find ourselves re-engaging with nostalgic interests and activities we enjoyed as children, or perhaps with interests we saw family or friends enjoy in the past. For others it's about researching something completely foreign, and breaking new ground.

As you browse our site, we'd like you to challenge yourself to try something new and exciting, or something old and nostalgic. But most importantly engage with "something" and live your life a little more fully irrespective of whether you came here looking for something for yourself or for someone else. We continuously seek out, research and curate tens of thousands of products based around what we like and what our customers love. And the one thing we absolutely promise is that we'll be completely different from every other store you will visit.

Finally, if you're thinking about gifting a specific product for somebody else, a family member, child, grandchild or grandparent, we'd like to challenge you to think about what kind of memories they are going to form. Do you remember receiving and playing with a specific LEGO set many years ago, or completing a project over a wet weekend? Are you going to spend time together, sharing a skill, building a plastic kit, racing an RC car, or just share some time together doing whatever it might be? Those simple memories may just become the ones they'll cherish, forever.

Our Range

When we surveyed customers on the qualities they wanted most in a store, the highest priority was the wish to have a wide range of in-stock products, including hard to find items. We have worked hard for years developing our current huge range of brands and categories, and continue to listen to customer feedback to determine exactly what we should offer next month and next year.

Today at Hobby Warehouse you can explore our largest ever collection of products in one store. Hundreds of interests and hobbies, spanning tens of thousands of items. Each one available from our logistics and warehouse centres, dispatching thousands of orders per day. Including your order. What's exciting to us, is there's so much more on the way, so keep in touch!

Ease of Navigation, Now a Breeze!

The second highest priority our customers asked for was an easily navigable site. It's important that navigating the site is easy and intuitive, making it a pleasure to explore or search through the interests you have, or even search for new interests you hadn't yet considered.

Our new categories and sub-categories with images and headings found on pages throughout the site have been developed solely to guide you directly through to your personal interest - and to things you wouldn't normally consider. Through 2018 and 2019 you'll see even further change as we continue to learn and improve the way we present hobbies and products.

Our Service and Price Promise

Hobby Warehouse deals directly with factories situated throughout the world. Locations in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and directly with vendors such as LEGO, Meccano, Spin Master, Mattel, Hasbro, Joysway, HSP plus hundreds more. Our focus plus our volumes in combination with direct partnerships and relationships make us your best priced, best source, hands down.

When it comes to service and trust, most companies speak of B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) platforms, however at Hobby Warehouse we term our platform as H2H - human to human! All of our staff work hard to complete every facet to the best of our ability, but in the very infrequent event something goes wrong or if a product has a problem - we will be there to make it right. We encourage you to read some of the thousands of reviews and feedback comments customers leave every month.

Get Started!

With Hobby Warehouse at your beck and call 24 hours a day, there are few reasons for not making tomorrow different from today. Switch off the TV, put the mobile into silent mode, explore something new. Subscribe to our newsletter ideas, sink your teeth into a new project, dust of an old project or give a completely new hobby a go. Enjoy a toy or new gadget, give someone a hobby to treasure, meet new people whilst engaging in a new activity or spend time enjoying your own company in a quiet space.

Wherever Hobby Warehouse takes you, just make sure that you continue to explore, create and live!